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(×2) 4in Luffa sponge with rope

(×2) 4in Luffa sponge with rope

These home grown luffas are all natural and biodegradable! Luffa can be used for so many different things, such as, (recommended) exfoilating your hands, feet and ENTIRE body to give your skin the DEEP scrub you didnt know you needed!

They are tough enough to scrub dishes, pots and pans, in and around the sink, counter tops and stove tops, yet gentle enough to not leave scratch marks! The possibilities are endless on what luffa can be used for.


Luffa have a really long growing season, roughly 7-9 months, while only being able to harvest the last few months. Which means luffa do not produce all year around and they sell out FAST! Get yours today!


each one is completely unique.

  • return policy

    No returns

    No refunds

  • care instructions

    place luffa under warm water to soften... ready for use!

    unused: luffa can last for years.

    shower use: rinse well and let completely air dry between each use. bacteria can grow pretty quickly so discard within 3-4 weeks or if luffa is starting to shred apart

    use with cleaning products: one time use. DO NOT rinse dry and reuse.

    for use on anything in the sink such as: hands, dishes, pots and pans, rinse throughly and air dry completely. Discard if food gets trapped or luffa starts to shreds

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